"Take a Look at Me Now" - Official Video

We Are Holly Bernt Band


Originating from Detroit MI, the Holly Bernt Band showcases innovative music that reflects heavily on the nostalgic memories and life experiences of singer/songwriter Holly Bernt. Refusing to be pigeonholed by the habits of formality, this lively trio was born out of the desire to deliver a fresh take on roots-rock. 

Catch any of their live performances and you’ll see them effortlessly transition from Americana ballads, to soulful blues, to flavors of folk. This dynamic expression is an effort to expose the pains of tragedy, delights of triumph, and to demonstrate how resilience is more relatable than we think. 

Coming together in 2016, HBB (as they are affectionately known) have shared the stage with the likes of Kuinka, Tosha Owens, and WORTH. Now residing in Los Angeles, their debut LP, Lightning on the Vine is their most focused and powerful material yet.